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Bastien New Traditions:

All in One Piano Course

Bastien New Traditions is an engaging and dynamic All in One Piano Method that combines the successful, time-tested Bastien piano pedagogy with new teaching ideas and techniques. All books in the series include lessons, theory, technique, and performance for a rich an integrated experience that will delight, motivate and inspire success for piano students ages 5 and up.


Primer A: Introduction to the Entire Piano Keyboard

Pre-Staff Notation:

   • Single-line black and white key pieces

   • Multiple hand placements, including Middle

     C and C 5-finger positions

   • Quarter, half, dotted and whole notes;

      quarter and half rests

   • 4/4 and 3/4 time signatures

   • p, mp, mf and f dynamics

   • Steps, skips, and repeats


Primer B: Introduction to Note Reading on the Staff

Staff Notation:

   • Individual notes introduced one at a time

     beginning with Middle C
   • Multiple hand placements, including Middle

     and C 5-finger positions
   • Quarter, half, dotted half and whole notes;

     quarter and half rests
   • 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures
   • 2nds and 3rds


Level 1A: Expanded Note Reading

   • Harmonic and melodic intervals: 2nds,

     3rds, 4ths and 5ths

   • Slurs and ties
   • Legato and staccato
   • Accidentals (sharps and flats)
   • Hands together playing both as 2-note

     harmonies and note against note


Level 1B: Full Staff Note Reading

   • Multiple hand placements, including C, G

     and F 5-finger patterns and more hand

   • Expanded hands-together playing
   • Harmonized melodies with I and V7 chords
   • Two eighths and single eighth note and

      rest; dotted quarter note pp and ff



Level 2A: Scales and Chord Progressions

   • C, G and F scales
   • Key signatures for C, G and F
   • Primary chords in root position
   • Chord progressions including I IV I V7 I
   • 6ths and 7ths
   • Harmonized melodies with I, IV and V7



Level 2B: More Chord and Scale Progressions

   • D, A and E scales & cadences
   • Key signatures for D, A and E
   • Major & minor triads
   • Overlapping pedaling
   • Harmonizing melodies
   • Ledger line notes


Level 3A:

Minor Scales & Triads plus Chord Inversions

   • A, E and D minor scales and cadences & 

   • Minor key signatures: A, E & D
   • 3/8 and 6/8 time signatures and triplets
   • Bass styles: boogie, broken chords, and

   • Binary and ternary forms


Level 3B: 

Db, Ab, Eb Scales, Cadences & Key Signatures

   • Sixteenth note rhythms
   • Lead sheets introduction
   • Chromatic scale
   • Alberti bass
   • Intro to interval Qualities


Level 4A:

More Major Keys/Chords & Multi-Key Reading Focus

   • Bb, B, Gb Major & C and G minor scales,

     cadences & key signatures
   • Cut time
   • Motif/Sequence(s)
   • Minor, augmented and diminished intervals
   • Dotted 16th note rhythm


Level 4B:  B, G Scales, Cadences & Key Signatures

   • Augmented and diminished triads

   • Dominant, major and minor 7th chords

   • An abundance of attractive repertoire

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