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Holiday Parties

Every year my husband and I make small graham cracker houses for my students to decorate at our annual Holiday Parties. The small houses are surprisingly sturdy and have just enough surface area to decorate in a short amount of time. We adhere the houses to paper plates with icing (see this video) You can use ice cream cones for trees - just turn them upside down! 








I’ve learned through the years to set out decorating supplies for EACH student: a small amount of royal icing in a little plastic sandwich bag with a hole, a few candies, sprinkles, pretzels…a wide variety but a small amount of decorating supplies is best. I also have several parties because it is much easier to do this activity with a smaller group of students. I invite my older students to help the younger ones and they love it too! 


All the preparation for the party takes time, but it is worth it…the students LOVE it and look forward to this event every year.

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