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Regular attendance at classes and lessons is essential for the student's success and for continuation in this program. One missed lessons per semester will be made up.  


Parental Involvement and Home Practice:

Parental involvement in piano lessons is absolutely essential to your child’s success. The musical growth of a child stems from parents who help facilitate consistent, at home practice. Whether you have a music background or not, you can help your child by being present, positive and encouraging. Please make an effort to attend and observe a portion of your child’s lessons. This way you will stay connected to our weekly piano lessons and have an idea of how to help your child at home. Please help your child organize practice time and follow through on assignments. For younger children, it is helpful for the parent to sit beside his or her child during practice time. Your presence will support your child and this support will foster confidence, growth and musical development.


Fees are payable in advance of lessons. I will bill for each semester in September and January.

Book Fee:

A book fee will be added to the 1st semester payment. This will cover your child's books and materials for the year. 

All Inclusive Pricing:

I occasionally give extra lessons. You will not be charged for extra lessons or extra rehearsals prior to recitals. Extra lesson are included in the tuition and are given to those students who are practicing regularly and diligently. There is also no charge for my recitals. 

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